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Burgtec endorses Environmentally and Socially Sustainable practices, in an endeavour to balance economic development. Concern for the environment is viewed by some as a luxury, but it is clearly not. Natural and man-made environmental resources such as fresh water, clean air, forests, grasslands, marine resources, and agro-ecosystems, provide sustenance and a foundation for social and economic development.

Our strategies to protect the environment have the objectives of improving the quality of life, improving the quality of growth and protecting the quality of our regional and global community.

Burgtec's Environmental Policy is reviewed on a regular basis to ensure its ongoing appropriateness to the company. Our suppliers are regularly monitored to verify that none of our products contain wood from endangered species. We are committed to the following:

- Complying with all relevant legislation and other regulatory requirements.

- Will seek to prevent pollution and improve the environmental performance of our operations.

- Employee involvement in environmental matters is encouraged at all levels and will be promoted through training, communication and a constant reappraisal of working methods and techniques.

Our strategies to protect the environment have the objectives of improving the quality of life, improving the quality of growth and protecting the quality of our regional and global community.

- To use only wood and wood based products, which we believe come from well managed forests, and to aim to purchase products with proven Chain of Custody, as they become economically viable.

- To minimise waste production wherever possible. Where unavoidable, waste streams will be evaluated for their reuse or recycling.

- To reduce as far as possible, the use of environmentally damaging volatile organic compounds in future finishing applications.

Raw wood is attained form retainable and managed forests, ie they are certified wood products from certified managed forests. Where applicable, suppliers have PEFC (Pan European Forest Certification) or FSC (Forest Stewardship Council). A 'Chain of Custody Certificate' is proof that PEFC / FSC certified wood originates from retainable and managed resources.

Gluing of moulded plywood components is carried out with formaldehyde low glue, adhering regulations. Formaldehyde emissions are 1/10 allowable limit of 3.5mg HCHO / h x square metre and are classified quality standard E1. For example, these figures are classified formaldehyde free in Switzerland.

Moulded plywood components are absolutely recyclable and can be burned or made to wood chips. Less CO2 is released from these products than the trees took from the atmosphere during growth, and is understood to be neutral regarding the CO2 household of the earth's atmosphere.

Burgtec Seating:

- All nylon parts in bases, backs, seats, arms etc are recyclable

- All plywood is from managed forests with a 'Chain of Custody Certificate'

- All foams are CFC free and recyclable

- Glue used is water-based or a contact glue designed for best bonding of foam and fabric

Burgtec Workstations:

No imported product used in the production of aluminium extrusions

Aluminium mined and produced in Australia

Aluminium extrusions manufactured in West Australia from Alloy 6060, temper T5

Desk tops and cabinetry manufactured in Australia from timbers sourced from plantation grown forests, governed by European Sustainable Policies

Laminates do not release free organics

Screen fabrics manufactured by environmentally aware companies with policies to reflect this

Burgtec Manufacturing Process:

Burgtec is committed to:

acknowledging the importance of the impact of our operations on all major stakeholders by providing information, as appropriate, to employees, shareholders, government agencies and local communities;

complying with all legal and statutory requirements;

continually examining our operations for opportunities to reduce emissions;

minimising adverse consequences of new plant, equipment and processes by assessing implications in the design, purchase and commissioning phases, ensuring prevention measures are taken prior to operation;

effectively managing our waste materials using the hierarchy of reduce/reuse/recycle; any disposal will be to appropriate environmental standards;

providing training to employees and contractors outlining their environmental responsibilities and the importance of their individual contributions to the integrity of our systems.

Apart from power used for machinery and tools, all gases used in production such as argon and oxygen return to the atmosphere, and the emissions from acetylene and migshield used in welding, have a negligible impact on the atmosphere of about 2% per cubic metre. (airliquidewa.com.au)

Other aspects of our diverse manufacturing facility are currently being assessed and as information becomes available, this statement will be updated.

Copies of our Environmental Policy and Objectives are available on request to the public and other interested parties.

Franz Schubert
Managing Director
Burgtec Australasia Pty Ltd
8 March 2005