August 11, 2021|

Are you unintentionally jeopardising your team?

The fine line between healthy and unhealthy silence in the workplace.

When it comes to acoustic booths, we are all-to-often told how quiet we can make our offices with endless facts and figures. The reality is, creating a soundless environment is not hard, but unfortunately, complete silence can be harmful to our employees.

The Issue

It is seemingly simple: blocking noise minimises distractions. However, total silence for long periods becomes ‘deafening’, and the follow-on of a silent day in the office will kill creativity and completely counteract any productivity measures – resulting in poor motivation, team division, and potential safety hazards.

Following a decade-long shift towards open-plan offices, the modern workplace is changing once again. As businesses return from the impromptu “work-from-home” model, workspace arrangements are being reconsidered.
With the recent theory of causation between noisy, open offices and low staff morale, we are seeing efforts to create 100% silent spaces – a bad idea.
Research shows, a muted work atmosphere with drawn-out silences, can lead to isolationism. Whether employees are aware or not, it creates a disconnect between colleagues over time. Thus, presenting problems for employers and managers themselves, because as we know, strong team cohesion is invaluable to our businesses. Complete silence contradicts the purpose of an activity-based structure.

While the open-plan approach takes a different path, new priorities are surfacing in workplace design; flexibility and safety.
At first glance, acoustic booths are all the same…the concern is, not all acoustic booths show an understanding of acoustic balance and its effects on the user. If a booth blocks out all noise, how will you hear a fire alarm?

We have tried everything; music, white noise, you name it – Is there a way to achieve ideal acoustic conditions in our offices?

Burgtec HushOffice Acoustic Office Booths

The Solution – Silence Done Right

This is where Hush booths come in. Hush booths are all about balance and healthy sound levels.

Backed by extensive research, Hush booths use a complex system with gaskets and soundproofing materials for optimal insulation. Through rigorous testing to ensure the right amount of sound is filtered through, Hush booths can claim the perfect acoustic balance. They are designed to absorb noise from both directions, allowing just enough of a background ‘hum’ to keep the user connected with their surroundings, but still, stimulate productivity.

Always ahead of the game, Hush booths utilise advanced hygiene measures. In the workplace, high-touch surfaces without daily cleaning can increase the risk of virus transmission. Hush booth interiors and handles are coated with a harmless, odourless, nano-photocatalyst coating that prevents the development of viruses and bacteria. Even under abrasion, scratching, and cleaning, the coating will not wear, offering long-term protection.
Effective ventilation technology also impacts the well-being of your staff. With fast, anti-contamination air exchange, you know your employees are the safest with Hush booths.

In our ever-changing age, offices will continue to embrace activity-based working, but with a new focus – adaptable spaces. Hush booths are the solution to maintaining an open plan but allowing separation when needed – for solo concentration, phone calls, online conferences, and collaboration, without the need for fixed rooms.
The most effective way to future-proof any office is with Hush booths. As business owners, they offer us the freedom and flexibility that we need to confidently make changes to our workplaces.

Be wary of acoustic pods on the market boasting total noise reduction and high acoustic ratings. An office with Hush booths and workstation partitioning is the answer to promoting productivity and combatting low staff morale without jeopardising your team’s well-being.

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