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The way we work has changed. As people make the shift to a hybrid model of working, the emphasis has increased dramatically on creating office environments that are welcoming, reflective of  unique company culture, and spaces where employees would rather be. Offices no longer need to be boring, sterile and neutral in design – they can in fact be warm, stylish environments that attract people; and this can be achived through clever design and smart selection of furnishings. While this is a challenge to achieve for any organisation, furniture plays an increasingly important role in successfully navigating this evolving challenge. At Burgtec, we see the key criteria for manufacturers to successfully partner with organisations for their furniture requirements is through original, on-point product designs; the ability to customise; quick manufacturing turnaround; Australian-made quality; and strong, personal relationships at all levels of each organisation.

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Leverage the power of design to create inspiring healthcare environments.

In today’s healthcare environment, providers must improve patient satisfaction as well as attract and retain caregivers, all while delivering quality care and reducing costs.  Many providers understand the role that design can play in achieving these goals: it can impact patients’ perceptions of their brand and the care they receive, and it can affect staff performance, productivity and comfort on the job. 

Burgtec works with clients to create enduring, well-designed spaces that can help meet strategic goals, have a solid return on initial investment and save money over the long run.

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We have worked with a variety of educational facilities and libraries to create a serene spaces to focus and study. Whether the space requires individual workstations and/or communal areas for study, we offer a variety of office equipment including seating, desks, lounges and more to fulfil the needs of the facility. Again, the Burgtec mantra of ‘Australian Made’ holds true when delivering value for our clients – customised, quality solutions made locally and delivered fast.

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Smart solutions for every office fitout


The Burgtec team collaborate with business owners, architects, designers, fitout companies and construction project managers every day to handle office furniture projects of all sizes and budgets, with fast guaranteed turnaround every time.

As a leading Australian manufacturer and supplier, we’ve provided office furniture solutions for large-scale commercial fitouts across all sectors including hospitality, defence, accommodation, finance, education, health care and corrective services.


When it comes to office furniture manufacturing, expertise in design and engineering is what makes all the difference.

Burgtec is a Australian manufacturer, passionate about offering world class standard in design and workmanship and keeping jobs local. We specialise in the design and manufacture of an extensive range of high quality office furniture. Our clients have access to Burgtec’s unique collection of seating and table solutions, as well as the extensive European furniture solutions. We have the capability and network to manufacture or source specialised products to suit specific requirements.

We offer a complete range of:

  • Joinery and cabinetry, both loose and built-in
  • Workstations and privacy screens
  • Soft furnishings
  • Collaboration booths
  • Demountable partitions
  • Office and commercial storage
  • Cable management solutions
  • Office seating.

Project Management

Every office furniture project represents an investment in an organisation’s people and performance. At Burgtec we strive to create smart workplaces where people, projects and productivity reach their full potential.

To ensure that your project goes smoothly, every project is assigned a project manager who will work with you from order to completion.

Our project managers are experienced in successfully delivering all types of projects from small, to very large. They will be on call to assist you with the following;

  • Site measure and assessment
  • Confirmation of specification
  • Shop drawings and prototypes (if required)
  • Liaising with our manufacturing team with regard to delivery and installation.


Our furniture design expertise and local manufacturing provide us with the flexibility to engineer customised furniture solutions to suit the unique requirements of a workplace, with an emphasis on form, function and value. Our in-house research and development facility in Perth works closely with our customers to achieve beautiful, ergonomically designed and functional office furniture.

We pinpoint clever solutions for varying budgets, ensuring that any customisation is always cost-effective.

We achieve this through:

  • Product cost analysis and options for price/value engineering
  • Review furniture specification versus manufacturing efficiencies
  • Shop drawing and product detailing
  • Technically conforming alternative, value-added solutions
  • Design review and colour / finishes matching
  • Manufacture & installation of prototypes.


Professional installation and ongoing support are crucial to the long-term success of office furniture. When you work with Burgtec, you can expect a seamless process from start to finish – one where you know exactly what’s going to happen and when, and the impact on people and productivity is minimised.


  • Provide warehousing, installation, joinery and after-sales support
  • Full-time site presence by a Burgtec project manager during installation
  • Constant communication and updates – making the moving, demolition, installation, completion and move-in process completely seamless
  • Temporary removal and storage of furniture, including rental furniture
  • Recycling and waste management program.

Ongoing care

Professional installation and ongoing support are crucial to the long-term success of office furniture. When you work with Burgtec, you can expect a seamless process from start to finish – one where you know exactly what’s going to happen and when, and the impact on people and productivity is minimised.

Ongoing care:

  • Offer warranties, audits, replacements and spare parts
  • Ensure product development and supply continuity that makes it easy to add or update furniture in the future
  • Partnership-based approach to churn management (furniture turnover, replacement, modifications and additions).