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Office Accessories

Our office and workstation accessories provide those final, functional touches for comfortable and productive working.


Office Accessories

When you have the right tools for the job anything is possible, especially when you have designed an ergonomic workspace for your team with office accessories to enhance their productivity and express their personality. The office accessories you choose need to be functional and easy to use. When you work with Burgtec you’ll find all of these ergonomic accessory solutions and more, for a stylish and streamlined office.

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Making your screens adjustable with monitor arms allows your team to achieve greater comfort and personalisation of their space, as well as increased flexibility when working collaboratively. Choose from our single or dual monitor arm, and you’ll not only be adding ergonomic flexibility, but you’ll also be getting integrated cable management for clearer desk space and ease of use to plug in a laptop.

Desk cable management may not seem exciting, but when it’s done right it will free up space above and below your desk and allow you to easily manage your technology. Choose from our Horizontal Below-Desk Cable Management systems. Our power and cabling solutions are fully customisable and integrable into any new or existing office workspaces.

To relieve the pressure of sitting at a desk all day, give your team the option of a sit/stand desk. These height-adjustable workstations can quickly be converted from being used while sitting to become a more energetic and healthier standing desk choice. The Standesk can be converted at the touch of a button offering a more ergonomically alternative for seating.

If you’ve ever felt that your office could be better designed and more productive but just didn’t know where to start, check out the Burgtec gallery of office accessories now, or look through our Perth and Western Australia office projects. Contact Burgtec to start designing your custom office accessories today.

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