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Our flexible office storage solutions include personal storage, all types of cabinets, and bookcases. From our network of Australian and international suppliers, we can configure or customise a storage solution to suit your workplace needs.



Your office environment is where you want to be inspired and do your best work. Having a place for your papers and paper clips means you and your team aren’t distracted by clutter or wasting time searching for the files and office supplies. Check out our range of office storage solutions from our Australian local and international Italian suppliers.

Browse our selection of difference use office storage systems
Office storage solutions needn’t be boring either. When you work with Burgtec, our team can help create an office system that is integrated into your architecture, or even office storage cabinets with acoustic properties to absorb sound and create a more pleasant working environment. Burgtec uses large scale joinery to design and build custom office storage, inspired by the latest design trends from around the world.

You can also make sure each member of your team feels valued and organised by providing personalised office staff lockers. Burgtec’s office lockers provide a safe and secure place for your staff to store their belongings, and the storage system can be designed and integrated into the rest of your solutions. Office lockers have enough room for hanging coats or a change of clothes, as well as storing larger items. Office staff lockers can also be created with a key lock, a manual code or an electronic code lock.

Our extensive experience working with architects, designers, builders, project managers and office managers has given us a unique and valuable understanding of office storage solutions. Whether you are looking for filing cabinets or bookcases, or you need to retrofit storage into an existing office or you’re lucky enough to be designing integrated solutions in a new space, Burgtec can create stylish and functional storage for you.

If you’re still not sure where to start in designing your office storage solutions, check out the gallery of projects Burgtec has designed, built and installed for customers around Western Australia. For more information or to start exploring your options for office cabinets, contact us now.

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