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You design it, we make it. DesignSuite brings your ideas to life with endless possibilities at your fingertips


Build custom workstation, seating, and storage configurations with custom sizes and materials from our unmatched, categorised range.


DesignSuite delivers everything you need to specify furniture, with real-time pricing, lead-times, and all the file downloads you need.

Design Suite V2

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Design Suite V2

Pricing & lead times

Generate accurate pricing, delivery estimates, and approximate lead times live with every change to your design.

Pricing is based on Minimum Order Value of $10,000.
View the pricing terms here.

Downloading & sharing

Export your custom designs in all the file formats you need:

– GLTF 3D Model
– High Resolution .PNG Images
– Component .DWG Files
– Component .RFA Files
– Specification Documents

Or you can share the modifiable link via email.

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Design Suite V2
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Because we’re family owned, we have a family member involved in every project from start to finish – as a result we have delighted clients that are more than happy with the end result.

That’s what makes us happy.

Our Project delivery process really set us apart....
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What we do, in a nutshell


For a product to be truly fit-for-purpose, a strategically thoughtful approach is required. Whether working direct or in collaboration with your architect, we employ innovation at every stage of the design process. Balancing practical needs with inventive ideas, we design pieces that are both functional and inspiring at the same time.


We are proud to be an Australian manufacturer. With a focus on precision, we create and customise world-class furniture and storage solutions – right here under our own tin roof. Our local first approach is not only responsible, it allows us to manage budgets without over compromising on quality.


Good design requires intent and execution to work in harmony. We ensure your vision is realised by installing each and every piece of the puzzle ourselves. Staying with the project from design through to install means we’re accountable. As people who stand behind our work, that’s how we like it.

Design Suite V2

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