Working towards more sustainable manufacturing with Global GreenTag

One of the most widely recognised ecolabels in the world, Global GreenTag is committed to independently assuring that products are fitness tested and certified under stringent programs that use leading scientific methods. That’s why it is trusted by thousands of buyers, hundreds of manufacturers, certification bodies and governments internationally.


Working towards more sustainable manufacturing with Global GreenTag


With sustainability becoming an imperative requirement for forward thinking businesses, Global GreenTag allows buyers to easily verify when a product is genuinely helping the environment.

Currently working through a meticulous auditing process, at Burgtec we’re going beyond our existing Global GreenTag and ISO certifications (in Quality (ISO 9001:2015), Health and Safety (OHSAS 18001) and Environmental Management (ISO 14001:2015) ) From the original selection of certified products, we’re now pursuing an across-the-board Green Rate LEVEL A Global GreenTag certification for our entire range. The in-depth process leaves no stone unturned, and as a local manufacturer every part of our production process is under scrutiny, from material sourcing through to packaging.

Burgtec’s long-range commitment to reduce our carbon footprint, flows through everything we do. This thorough process with Global GreenTag is not only helping us to implement more efficient systems and improve our products’ sustainability factor but is our way of proving that we’re taking up our responsibility to protect the environment.

This is why our GreenTag certification is more than just a ‘tag’, it is a committal to principles.


Burgtec’s Way to Sustainable Manufacturing Practices


Sustainable design and materials

Burgtec’s product development team invest substantial design time assessing ways to reduce every product’s environmental impact, through innovative engineering and material selection to minimise components.

Over the last 24 months in particular, the team embarked on a comprehensive redesign challenge – to completely rethink the internal structure of our soft seating collection to an even higher quality and comfort, without impacting the products appearance. Starting with the modular Haven lounge, the result is an impressive 30% reduction in materials used.

Every Burgtec piece is made up of carefully considered components with the long-term health of the users and of their environment being the top priority. Wherever possible – and particularly proven in the last 2 years of auditing – we’ve dramatically improved our board and foam yield, with better planning we can ensure that every last ‘off-cut’ that may have become recyclable waste before, is now utilised to make high quality furniture.


Working towards more sustainable manufacturing with Global GreenTag
Working towards more sustainable manufacturing with Global GreenTag
Working towards more sustainable manufacturing with Global GreenTag


  • • Structural Plywood – All plywood and other composite materials used are PEFC certified.
  • • Seating Foam – All our upholstering foams are recyclable and resistant to moths, moulds and fungi, and are accredited by Good Environmental Choice Australia (GECA).
  • • PET Panel – Our acoustic foams are a health-safe, recycled sound reducing material and are certified to international and Australian standards ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 Quality and Environmental Systems.
  • • Laminate finishes – All laminates are rated E0 for minimal emissions and certified by the Forest Stewardship as sourced by responsibly managed forests.
  • • Upholstery – Burgtec partners with companies with OEKO-Tex100 environmental certification, and all selected fabrics are eco-friendly and recyclable, with some of our House range being made purely from Ocean waste.

We regularly assess new materials that appear on the market to ensure we always have the greenest options in our dedication to an increasingly sustainable production chain.


Working towards more sustainable manufacturing with Global GreenTag
Working towards more sustainable manufacturing with Global GreenTag
Working towards more sustainable manufacturing with Global GreenTag



At Burgtec we pride ourselves in engaging only with suppliers who match our commitment to the environment and society. The decisions made at the outset of the supply chain affect the entire process and the environmental imp acts of the finished projects.

We open dialogue about our environmental expectations early in our relationships with material manufacturers, to ensure we’re working with like-minded companies who actively maintain their environmental management policies with transparency.



It’s a daily obligation at Burgtec to make sure that the facilities where our products are made do not stray from our core principles. Every individual at Burgtec – from designer to seamstress to logistics staff or management – is dedicated to our pledge for Sustainability and Efficiency.

As a product goes through production stages, it uses resources such as energy and water, and could generate waste or emissions. All of these aspects contribute to our facilities impact on the environment.

By implementing an internal environmental management initiative with a specially appointed LEAN consultant, Burgtec continually investigates the potential impact every manufacturing process and responds by finding a way to remove or reduce each potential issue.

A major step forward in this initiative was the decision to relocate our primary production facility on the Central Coast NSW to a newer local site in late 2022. The interior of the new factory was purpose built to promote the progression of the initiative, with physical benefits including abundant natural light for staff wellbeing and lower electricity use, and all powered lighting being energy efficient LED solutions. While facilitating other practical improvements like sophisticated machinery servicing schedules ensuring optimal levels of operation, allowing for better electricity offsets.

This initiative was also the driving force behind the aforementioned redesign challenge, which has allowed our factory to streamline all production methods and get the most out of resources. As a result of the first redesign – Haven, not only has the expenditure of materials decreased, but the labour assembly time has been reduced by a massive 60%. Now as a lightweight and easy-to-handle product with a simpler production procedure, the analysis of this first product is already reducing the facilities consumption of energy resources, allowing us to pass on the time and cost savings to our clients.

With the current global energy crisis and much of the globe facing shortages and increased prices in oil, gas and electricity – Burgtec is very serious about reducing our carbon footprint and emissions in every way we can.


Packaging and Transport

The biggest concerns with packaging and transportation are weight and wasted space.

With weight constantly being addressed in the redesign of our products into lightweight modules, Burgtec is moving back up the line and focussing on eliminating empty space – inside boxes, inside crates and inside transport vehicles.

The projects and logistics team have been involved in this strategy, taking and creating every opportunity to use freight backloading and precisely coordinate combined project deliveries. This practice has already seen a remarkable reduction in the number of vehicles coming and going from our facility.

Burgtec is also utilizing re-usable furniture crates made from scrap material. These crates are durable, transformable and recyclable. Palletized loads are packed systematically and enclosed in biodegradable wrapping, and all other packaging is 100% recyclable.

All Burgtec staff are eager to continue refining processes around the sustainable targets set each quarter.


Working towards more sustainable manufacturing with Global GreenTag
Working towards more sustainable manufacturing with Global GreenTag
Working towards more sustainable manufacturing with Global GreenTag



When thinking about how and for how long the product will be used, quality is utmost importance – the right materials and manufacturing processes increase a product’s durability, reducing the need for disposal and replacement. Our 10-year warranties are a testimony to our confidence in the longevity of our products.
But what happens to our product at the end of its life – will it go into landfill or be recycled? While we can’t control what our customers do, our products are designed to be easy to dismantle so internal components can be recycled.
Burgtec is also proud to offer a unique take-back program for selected projects.

Burgtec continues to scrutinize and audit our environmental impact and work hard to be part of a circular economy where decisions and choices are made to eliminate waste and ensure resources are reused and recycled.


At Burgtec we’re committed to designing and creating products that help clients create healthy and future-friendly spaces, carrying GreenTag Certification with honour.