The highest standards, for the highest quality product

The purpose of testing and certification is to ensure that products are not only safe and fit-for-purpose, but that they will last – because long-term solutions are sustainable solutions, minimising resources and waste.


The Australian Furnishing Research & Development Institute (AFRDI) is an independent technical organisation, operating a system of quality certification for furniture components. As a professional body that focuses on nothing else, AFRDI is the premier certification body for commercial furniture quality in Australia.

In a market where products may outwardly appear the same, AFRDI certification is that point of differentiation for the peace of mind that the product is of the highest calibre. Furniture, especially workstations carrying the AFRDI logo or Blue Tick carries a real pedigree.

AFRDI Chair Testing Burgtec


To receive AFRDI highest level ‘Blue Tick’ certification, a product must pass a strict series of rigorous and exhaustive performance, function and safety tests. Burgtec’s Workstation range and a selection of other seating pieces are AFRDI certified to guarantee we are providing the best quality product that is worthy of its long-term warranty.

There are three levels of Blue Tick certification.

AFRDI Level 6 certified products will meet most commercial needs – built for extremely severe conditions of use, such as police stations, military installations, control rooms, and heavy industry.

AFRDI Level 5 certified products are suitable for heavy duty office, industrial use, and similar applications.

AFRDI Level 4 certified products are suitable for general office, keyboard, and executive use.

A typical test process includes:

  • Initial Inspection – The product is inspected for functionality, adjustability, and safety.
  • Labelling and Components Check – The marking and instructions of the product need to meet the requirements of the Standard.
  • Measurements – The Standard sets out a complicated series of measurements each product must comply with.
  • Static Load tests – High forces are applied to test strength in relation to loads of a magnitude that are considered likely to be only infrequently applied.
  • Fatigue Test – Involves the repeated application of loads selected to simulate a ‘lifetime’ of use. Forces are applied 50,000, 100,000 or 200,000 times, and for Level 6 testing it can be up to 200,000 fatigue cycles – and much higher loads.
  • Impact Tests – An assessment of the durability of a product through tests like the drop test.
  • Swivel Test (For Chairs) – The chair is weighted down and swiveled back and forth 100,000 times.
  • Stability Tests (For Chairs) – The “rearwards overturning” test assesses the tendency of a chair to tip over backwards when subject to specified vertical and horizontal forces when reclined and subject to a load up to 110kg.
  • Rolling Stability Test (For Chairs) – Assesses the chair to ensure that it will not move too freely across the floor.
  • Final Inspection – At the conclusion of the test program, the product is again inspected to see if the testing has caused breakages or deformity and to check that it is still functional and safe.


Similar AFRDI tests to cover strength, durability, stability, safety, and ergonomics are applied to other furniture types to be awarded certification.

But for Burgtec, the AFRDI Blue Tick certification does not stop there – we will continue to resubmit our products regularly for auditing and endorsement in order to ensure that we continue supplying superior products that will endure and outlive the time frames required.

Burgtec’s skilful team of expert furniture designers and engineers are proud to continue producing prestigious furniture that can be endorsed to the highest standard for our clients.

AFRDI Blue Tick Burgtec