Joining forces with INO Interiors

Burgtec is pleased to announce the acquisition of INO Interiors Canberra.


INO Interiors has been Canberra’s well-known boutique provider of contemporary office, hospitality, and educational furniture for over 30 years, and a longstanding relationship with the team at Burgtec has made for a seamless integration.
For industry veteran and founder of INO – Valia Palmer, this merge is a natural succession, and she will continue serving Canberra clients as part of a progressive Australian manufacturing organisation delivering projects nation-wide.


Joining forces with INO Interiors    Joining forces with INO Interiors


Valia will manage our new Canberra office and showroom on 15 Moore Street in the city, representing the Burgtec and INO brands and facilitating the needs of our Canberra clients’ going forward. She will continue doing what she does best; connecting people with the right solutions and creating enriching, functional workplaces from the best brands, including the highest quality Australian Made solutions right from our own facilities.

Sharing over 60 years’ experience in the commercial furniture industry and strong family values, Burgtec and INO are locals committed to bringing personalised service and personalised solutions to locals.

We are excited about the prospects for our Canberra clients in the coming years, as this move bolsters the evolution of the Burgtec story, bringing a fresh perspective and tangible value to the ACT market.

Joining forces with INO Interiors

Joining forces with INO Interiors