New industry partner: Silen

When peace of mind works better than coffee.


Silence is holy. It is the basic component we need to focus. And when we can focus, we can create and we can problem-solve. Silen workplace booths are the silent teammate who helps staff reach their potential.

These booths are not only incredible at equalizing the noisy soundscape of a busy office, but they offer the flexibility that you don’t get with built-in rooms. They use unique soundproof materials and top-notch design to enhance day-to-day workflow, providing a range of self-contained rooms for focussing, holding meetings, private conversations, phone calls, and breaking up the floorplan in a way that’s adaptable.

Manufactured in Estonia with unmatched quality, Silen booths are the best on the market and still affordable. The Silen founders are experienced engineers who have been designing for more than a decade, and Burgtec is welcoming them in Australia. Working together is a natural fit for us, with an aligned drive to push boundaries and bring innovative, well-made solutions to organisations that believe in the real deal.


Silen Hybrid Wheel Chair Accessible Office Booth Burgtec


Silen ‘Hybrid’ Wheel Chair Accessible Office Booth for Burgtec

Developed for one of Burgtecs local clients, Silen have pioneered the Space ‘Hybrid’ range with no raised floor, ensuring easy access for everyone in the workplace.

This partnership means Burgtec is the sole distributor of the three key Silen product lines in Australia, covering every possible requirement for a future-centric workplace that truly takes care of individual and collective wellbeing.

Three key Silen product lines

1.Privacy in its most affordable form, the ‘Chatbox‘ range by Silen comes in 3 preconfigured options with magnetically removable side panels that can be powdercoated to suit the design of the office.

Built to be ‘The new office essential’ the Chatbox booths are remarkably effortless, with 30-minute assembly it’s a dream for the site team and saves on installation costs – and they are in stock at Burgtec for immediate local dispatch, no freight delays. Watch the timelapse below showing how simply and easily a Chatbox Single goes together with just two sets of hands.


2. A 4-booth range, the ‘Space’ booths out-perform every other booth time and time again. As the only laboratory-tested, acoustically rated booths offering DDA compliant wheel-chair access with the ‘Hybrid’ design, we believe Australian clients will see the value of future-proofing their workplaces with the highest quality, most considerate acoustic solutions. Watch this video to see how Silen Space booths hold the world record in sound reduction.

The functional design uses aesthetic curves on top and square corners on the bottom, making cleaning easier with no hard-to-reach dusty nooks. And taking expert engineering one step further, Space booths can be completely reconfigured for flexibility, with wind-out wheels for easy mobility and detachable walls that allow booths to be joined and separated as needed.

3. The final and the most exciting Slien design we’re introducing Australia to, is MindSpa – the world’s first premium relaxation booth. Neurologists and meditation experts Synctuition teamed up with Silen to develop a relocatable ‘oasis’ for fast-paced environments like offices, airports, universities, and healthcare centers. When you’re thinking of giving staff a space to recharge and reset like a gym or wellness space, MindSpa is the answer. In just 25 minutes MindSpa will optimise your mind to feel positive, increase productivity and enhance creativity with a cycle of three-dimensional nature sounds, binaural beats and relaxation techniques – the benefits of a clear mind cannot be overstated. And MindSpa moves with you when you move offices!


Silen MindSpa Booth


All Silen booths are fitted with electrical outlets for different devices, with power supply in the ceiling and floor. Presence detectors take care of energy efficiency and user-friendliness, so air circulation and lighting are fully automated.

Read more about the technical aspects of the Silen booths.

Burgtec is seriously thrilled to be involved with Silens Australian journey and can’t wait to help local organisations move forward in caring for their people.

Silence your space. Focus on the good stuff.

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