No substitute for the Australian Made kangaroo

The iconic Australian Made logo is the true mark of Aussie authenticity. It represents the ‘real thing’, and as Australia’s most trusted and recognized country of origin symbol, Burgtec is proud for our products to be certified Australian Made.


Why is ‘Australian Made’ so good?

Buying Australian Made not only means top quality and short, reliable lead-times, but it keeps Australian money within Australia, boosting the economy and supporting local jobs and industries. As one of our Directors, Joel Kennard says “The best part about being an Australian manufacturer is we’re constantly investing. We’re investing in Australians, in their families, in their futures. We’re investing in the future of Australia.”


Burgtec Central Coast Manufacturing


Burgtec Central Coast Manufacturing

When it comes to commercial furniture, local expertise is the key factor to maintaining world class workmanship, sustainable processes and again – guaranteed quality and lead-times. With a specialist production team working from purpose-built local manufacturing facilities, we re-engineer our products for each client and can deliver a working prototype within a week to ease the decision-making process. We can do this because we have full control of the production process here in Australia.

The clients we work with are like-minded businesses who recognise the value of certified Australian Made solutions. It’s a language of authenticity and transparency that delivers genuine value to everyone involved in a project. And it’s with this openness that we partner with global companies to source the very best in certain componentry; like LINAK actuators from Denmark and chair mechanisms from Northern Germany in order to stay at the forefront of workplace solutions and give our clients absolute assurance as we stand confidently by our products, backing them with long-term warranties.


Burgtec Australian Made Tag on a Grey Chair


Australian Made Certification

To qualify for the coveted ‘Australian Made’ certification, manufacturers must meet some of the world’s strictest quality control standards with utmost accountability, so the green and gold kangaroo has truly become the only way to guarantee your products are Made in Australia, by Australians.

That’s why we wear the Australian Made kangaroo as a badge of honour.

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