Setting Up A Workspace Ergonomically – Prevent Pain & Strain

So much time is spent working, for this reason it is extremely important to set up a workspace properly to prevent pain & strain. We have outlined some key considerations that should be made when arranging a workspace to be ergonomic.

Chair Position

Adjust the chair height to ensure the users arms rest at a 90O angle when resting on the desk.

If the feet are unable to rest comfortably on the floor use a footrest or find something from around the office as a substitute. Knees should sit about level with the hips.

Reposition the lumbar support so the user can feel support in the lower curve of the back.


The monitor should be around arm’s length away from the user’s typical sitting position, and at eye level.

If using one monitor this should be positioned directly in front of the user. If two screens are utilised ensure the user is positioned between the two screens.

Monitor screen brightness should also be adjusted to prevent eye strain.

Keyboard, Mouse and Phone

Once chair height has been set the keyboard should be positioned where the hands rest naturally.

The mouse should then sit next to the keyboard with space to move freely. When using the mouse move from the elbow not the shoulder.

The phone should be positioned on the side of the user’s non-dominant hand enabling them to still take notes or use the computer. It is extremely beneficial to use a headset especially for jobs requiring extended periods on the phone.


Height adjustable workstations are an ideal ergonomic solution that provide numerous benefits to the user. Height adjustable workstations make it easier to adjust workstations to an individual, also providing flexibility to alter desk height throughout the day to reduce strain from sitting in a single position and more.

When using a height adjustable desk, it is important that the items on the desk do not need to be adjusted each time the desk height is altered.

Regular Breaks and Stretches

Regular breaks and stretches are extremely important to prevent pain and strain throughout long work days. SafeWork NSW have outlined 6 Simple Stretches For At Your Desk.



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