Introducing The Curated Palette

A collaborative project to unlock confidently cohesive spaces.


The Curated Palette stems from a small selection from the Laminex Colour Collection that before now, had no counterpart in other finishes. Looking at the palette, our team saw the opportunity to really accentuate the charm of each colour through a materials “family”.

So, working with local collaborators we have paired commercially rated metal and timber coatings that directly match the laminates, for uniform application of colour across different surfaces in a workplace.

But it doesn’t stop there. Together with Burgtec’s House Material partners and a small group of Australian designers, we have pulled together a complimentary set of 4 additional materials for the collection – fabrics, vinyls, leathers, and acoustic panel.  Streamlining the process of achieving absolute colour cohesion between desking, partitioning, storage, upholstered pieces, and other furnishings.

The Curated Palette truly unlocks a world of design opportunities, celebrating the finest neutrals and accents of contemporary workplace design, taking unified spaces to a new level, and ultimately, making cohesion confident.

Scroll through the gallery below for a glimpse into the set, and get it touch to find out how you can specify the curated palette for furniture.



Curated Palette Moodboard Kalamata By Burgtec & Laminex

A pure, bold red, heavily blackened to reduce its colour intensity.


Curated Palette Moodboard Winter Sky By Burgtec & Laminex

A deep, rich grey based blue with green undertones.


Curated Palette Moodboard Just Blue By Burgtec_Laminex

A soft, muted blue with a grey undertone.


Curated Palette Moodboard Spinifex By Burgtec_Laminex

A soft organic green-blue with a grey base.


Curated Palette Moodboard Green Slate By Burgtec_Laminex

A rich, warm based green.


Curated Palette Moodboard Baye By Burgtec_Laminex

A mid tone warm grey with green undertones.


Curated Palette Moodboard Porcelain Blush By Burgtec_Laminex

A pale sandy yellow tending to red, reminiscent of the raw materials of pottery, and the sun-bleached Australian seaside.