What To Expect During Your Office Fit-Out: A Handy Guide

Do you feel stifled by your current office space? Maybe your plans for the future of your business includes considerable expansion. If so, you could be renovating and extending your current office space or entirely moving to a new one. Either way, there are some things that will change for you during your fit-out that you should be aware of.

The process when engaging in an office fit-out is likely to be different for every business. Without a well-planned office design and process, you will likely experience some disruptions during the fit-out of your upgraded space. Make sure to reach out to the expert workplace planners and designers.

While you may not exactly know what to expect from your office fit-out, we’ve compiled a guide to help you establish a plan for your office redesign.

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Your Office Fit-out Guide:

During your office design process, there will inevitably be some huge changes. Whether your new space is in the same office or a completely new one, there are some often unavoidable changes to the normal process. We’ve outlined these changes below and highlighted some important things you need to consider when fitting out an office space.

  1. Office planning & design:

The workplace planning and design phase will require a lot of input from you. An expert office fit-out company should ask you a wide range of questions about everything they need to know about your plans for your refreshed office space.

They will ask about needs for the space, review your facilities, provide scoping and budget advice, and come up with solutions that can maximise your office productivity. This should always be the first step in your office fit-out design process.

  1. Disruption to process:

The disruption to the normal process will be magnified when staying in the same space. Depending on the scope of your project, there will likely be a day or multiple days where no regular work will be able to be undertaken. This may be due to health and safety reasons, or critical components of your office being moved, changed and rearranged. With a proper office fit-out plan, this timeframe can be reduced.

If you are moving to a new space, this effect is often minimised. As the heavy lifting is being completed off-site, normal work can resume until the day you officially move to the new office.

  1. Moving into your new office:

Moving to a new office will look different for every business. Your office and your day-to-day workload may dictate a very quick move-in, where only laptops and personal belongings are moved. In other cases, you may have large equipment that is required, where a move in may take up to a full day or even more. It’s important to keep this in mind, so your move can be planned for accordingly.

  1. Adjustment period:

The adjustment period after you renovate your space is usually much less than if you were to move to a newly renovated office space. The familiarity of the space means that while the spaces may be used differently and things are configured in a different way, the office and surrounding area is still relatively familiar.

When moving to a new space entirely, your workers will need to adjust to all aspects of the new environment. This includes the commute, parking situation and closest lunch spots on top of a new working environment. This naturally lengthens the adjustment period, so it would not go amiss to be a little more patient with your workers during this time.

The Importance of Workplace Planning and Design

Having a well thought out plan for your new workplace design is essential for an efficient and worry-free office fit-out process. Outgrowing or evolving your space is a natural process for every successful business, and a new office plan can go a long way in maximising productivity and efficiency in your office.

With the help of expert office fit-out specialists such as Burgtec, you can be sure that you’re in the hands of the professionals. Managing the entire process from manufacture through to installation, Burgtec’s exceptional level of care and attention to detail makes them the premium choice for an office fit-out and workplace planning.

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